Baby stuff 101: What is a diaper bag?

Baby stuff 101: What is a diaper bag?
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When having a baby, the most important things you prioritize are your baby’s health and nutrition. You make sure that he gets enough daily nutrients and feel comfortable.

Therefore, when taking a typical short outing, it could be inconvenient. You need to carry baby stuff like milk bottles, diapers, etc. What you need is a diaper bag! But, let us know first what is a diaper bag.

What is a diaper bag?

A diaper bag is a well-pocketed storage bag with spaces large enough to put everything you will need when taking care of a baby on a short trip. Its sizes range from the size of a school backpack to an adult camping backpack.

It comes it different designs, some with firm handles or shoulder straps which will allow your hands to be free to do more important things like holding and taking care of the baby.

In recent years, diaper bags have started appearing with more designs with different styles, functions, and colors. Some have even been designed by the most exclusive designers like Coach, Ralph Lauren, and Kate Spade.

They come in very chic designs to complement fashion and aesthetics. Celebrity moms are usually the ones who use these kinds of diaper bags for more high-fashion taste.

What is in a diaper bag?

More than aesthetics and styles, a diaper bag should be true to its function. So, what should you look for in a typical diaper bag?

Outer pockets.

As with any other bag, outer pockets provide easy access to the most important small items that you need. Inside a diaper bag, there should be individual pockets for milk bottles, wet wipes, tissue, and more.

Zippered pockets on the outside will allow you to safely keep your essential items like wallet, cellphone and keys

Removable diaper and wipe clutch.

This allows you to instantly detach the diaper/wipe clutch when you are running a quick errand. You can just remove this part from the diaper bag and toss it inside a stroller or car

Shoulder straps.

You need your hands to hold the baby more firmly. A diaper bag must have shoulder straps to free both of your hands to do other tasks.

Without it, you’d be required to hold it in your hand all the time and you will hate it within few days.

Wipe-clean lining.

Diaper bags are prone to leaks or spills. This feature enables you to easily wipe any spilled liquids from the bag, making it very easy to keep it clean and sanitized

What can you carry in a diaper bag?

A typical mother knows what her baby needs. But sometimes, being a mother can be very challenging. To give you a few suggestions, here is a list of important things that can be carried in a diaper bag.

  • Milk bottles. Expressed breast milk or ready to mix with water infant formula
  • You will need one diaper for every hour you will be out
  • Wipes are very useful not only when changing diapers but also for cleaning dirty surfaces and sticky hands. You will need around 10 wipes when you won’t be out that long
  • Hand sanitizer. It can be used for sanitizing hands after diaper change when there is no place to wash them
  • Changing pad. Some diaper bags come with changing pad, but you can also purchase one separately. A hand towel can also be used for this function
  • Plastic bags can be used for wrapping soiled diapers, clothes, etc. See to it that it stays out of baby’s reach
  • A blanket serves many purposes such as bib, nursing cover, changing pad, shade, etc.
  • Extra baby clothes. Babies are prone to drool, spit up, or poop explosions. An extra set or two of baby clothes will save the day
  • Snacks can be baby foods and finger foods depending on the age of the baby
  • Pacifier and other items to comfort your baby
  • Hat to protect your baby against the harmful sun rays
  • Emergency numbers. Create a list of emergency numbers and put it in your diaper bag. These can be the phone number of family doctor and health card for insurance

Some mothers are hesitant to purchase a diaper bag because of the additional cost it may cause them. But with the information above, it is apparent that a diaper bag is very functional and a necessity for every parent.

It can also be stylish to complement your style and fashion taste, and can even be used as an everyday bag once baby has outgrown the need for a diaper bag.

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