Best Type of Diaper Bag: How to Choose?

Best Type of Diaper Bag: How to Choose
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Short day trips and longer outings require mothers to bring essential stuff for their kids. This is carried out with ease and comfort using diaper bags. Discover the different styles and know the best type of diaper bag that fits you.

What Is A Diaper Bag?

Diaper bags act as your home away from home. It contains all the essential stuff and gears that your children need whenever you travel. These bags help you keep things organized and make your trip stress-free.

The most important aspect in a diaper bag is its functionality. You can also consider style and fashion as these bags come in various designs, shape, size, and color. A diaper bag need not just be functional, but can also reflect your personality and fashion sense.

Different Types of Diaper Bags

Just like other accessories, diaper bags come in many different types. Here are some of them, including their advantages and disadvantages for better considerations.

Tote Diaper Bag

Totes are the most popular type available on the market. It resembles a giant or large handbag. This, by far, offers the largest size among the different types of diaper bags.


  • Good for organizing due to numerous inner pockets
  • Large and highly functional compartments
  • Fashionably beautiful due to various designs and colors


  • Bulky even when empty
  • Heavy to carry causing unnecessary strain on the neck and shoulders
  • Restrictive movements while being carried
  • Limited designs for men

Messenger Diaper Bag

Messenger bags are flat, stylish bags identified by an adjustable strap that hangs on the shoulder. They are also called satchels or sling bags.


  • Easy retrieval of items inside the bag
  • Even distribution of weight for easy carrying and better posture
  • Hands-free for more accessibility
  • Slimmer in size
  • Variations and unisex styles are available


  • Limited space and rooms
  • Design looks a bit manly

Backpack Diaper Bag

Backpack-style diaper bags are the newest addition to the market. They look like regular backpacks from the outside but upon closer inspection reveals that they have more pockets available.


  • Convenience due to the free movement of the arms and hands
  • Even distribution of weight for people suffering from back pain
  • Styles for both men and women are available
  • Can be worn even when exercising


  • Less fashionable
  • Not suitable for those with two or more children
  • Cannot be accessed while being carried

Convertible Diaper Bag

This is a multifunctional bag which can instantly transform into a tote, messenger, and backpack. If you can’t decide what type of bag to get, then this might be the best option for you.


  • Incredibly flexible to carry
  • Easily converts to different types for more comfort


  • Low focus on usability

Stroller Diaper Bag

A type of diaper bag that can be attached directly to the stroller. You can hang this bag on the handle instead of letting it sit in the storage compartment of the stroller.


  • Allows easy and quick access to stuff


  • Requires special attention to details including the bag’s weight or stroller’s capacity

Clutch Diaper Bag

This small and rectangular bag can be held around the wrist. The presence of the strap will prevent dropping.


  • Safe and easy to carry
  • Some may be converted into changing pads


  • Small-sized allowing lesser rooms

How to Choose the Best Type of Diaper Bag?

The perfect type of diaper bag for you may not be the right one for other moms. It really depends on personal preferences. Some would want designer diaper bags while others would prefer a repurposed bag from the closet. Here are some of the general factors to consider when choosing a diaper bag.

Size and Capacity

You’ll definitely love a bag that gives lots of room and space. This will allow you to bring more gears and essentials. However, you should also determine the purpose of the bag. Bigger bags don’t always mean better bags. It depends on what you’d be using it for. Smaller bags are preferred for short trips while larger ones are for long travels.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Check the weight of the bag when empty. Remember that it will weigh heavier once you load your things. Be sure that the straps are adjustable, wide, and well-padded. Choose bags that would not affect your proper posture. Always consider the balance between your bag and your weight.

Quick and Easy Maintenance

Your bag is most likely prone to pee and poop splashes. It is best to choose waterproof and easy to clean materials. Machine washable bags are also great options.

Durable Design

Diaper bags should have proper construction. Look for bags with well-reinforced seams and clean stitches. The closures of the bags should also be made from heavy-duty materials. Get a bag with zippers instead of magnetic closures. It will prevent your stuff from falling out.

Reasonable Price

Bag prices will depend on brand name, style, and features. Check your budget. You can choose from low, mid-range, to high-end bags. All have different features that will fit in your needs and budget. Think of your priorities before splurging on a diaper bag.

Additional Tips When Picking Out A Diaper Bag

  • Choose the bag that keeps your hands free. This will give better accessibility and convenience.
  • Always look for efficient bags with extra compartments for more spaces. It will make you more organized.
  • Consider having convertible bags. This will allow you to choose what best fits the situation you’d be using it in.
  • Try bags a couple of times before deciding on what to buy. Remember that this will ultimately be your day to day companion.
  • Buy a bag that also fits men, especially the design. Both parents should be comfortable carrying the diaper bag.

Preparing to go out with your kids should not hinder comfort and style. Your diaper bag will serve as your constant companion, so choose the one that best suits you. There are several diaper bags on the market offering functionality, comfort, and style. Try them out before picking the best type of diaper bag to use for a more efficient and stress-free outing.

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