Customize Your Own Diaper Bag: Ideas You Can Try

Customize Your Own Diaper Bag: Ideas You Can Try
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So, you have finally found a great diaper bag! It’s got most of the features that you and your baby need, it’s just that if you can customize your own diaper bag, then it will have a pocket of a certain size on the other side, and you would very much like it if the zipper is on the top. Also, you are close to considering it the best diaper bag only it was not that stylish for your taste. Bummer.

Parents all over the world know the frustration of trying to find a diaper bag that is sturdy, functional, and stylish to boot and just like every other baby product we buy, we want only the best of the best.

While admittedly indispensable for any parent, there is just no diaper bag that fits your style perfectly. And though it is a little bit difficult to look stylish while being the doting mom or dad to your little one, you would still very much prefer to be chic or dashing. Additionally, while a diaper bag should first and foremost serve its purpose, that is, be able to carry everything your little kiddo needs when going out, every parent would also have different needs such as where to keep the keys or wallets and phones, that they want the diaper bag to cater to as well.

If you are struggling to find the perfect one, then try customizing your diaper bag! Not only can you make sure that it will have all the pockets and compartments you will need for all your baby must-haves, but you can also make sure you will feel confident and good carrying it around.

To DIY or not to DIY?

DIY and customization are not for everyone. Some parents will probably agree that personalizing a bag is not worth the effort and that given enough time, you will either find the perfect bag or one that is good enough you would be willing to compromise on a few things. To a few others, a diaper bag is just a utilitarian tool–who cares if it is not the most stylish thing around?

However, some parents miraculously find the free time or skillfully manage their hectic schedule to squeeze in some creative work such as customizing their diaper bags. For these parents, getting this project done shows how they love their little one at the same time achieving a specific style or design that they will love.

Customize Your Own Diaper Bag: Ideas to Try at Home

Do you often find yourself wishing you could’ve brought an extra milk bottle? Do you wish your bag had more compartments so that you can separate the diapers and changing pad from the snacks and baby blanket? Do you wish it had smaller pockets to put in a diaper rash cream, a small toy, a box of crayons, or anything else that can get easily lost in a big bag? Do you wish there is a padded pocket to put in a camera or tablet to capture your baby’s cute moments? Do you wish there is a separate compartment for all your stuff, so you do not need to carry around a separate purse?

Your wishful thinking is the key to deciding what the best way to have the diaper bag of your life is!

  • Start from scratch

If you want to have more options, then making your diaper bag from scratch is the way to go. There are a couple of styles you can choose from–a tote, a backpack, a combination of both, or even something else entirely. You even have the power to choose the fabric, laces, buttons, colors, and the like.

You can easily find a lot of DIY diaper bag tutorials online. There are also free downloadable patterns you can use to get you started.

  • Glam it up!

If you find a bag that sufficiently serves its purpose but is dull for your taste, then you can opt to do some simple decorative customizations such as sewing on laces to the borders of your bag’s shoulder straps for a dainty touch, or adding a ribbon through some belt hoops that ties into a bow to cinch in a tote bag. Basically, anything that will give your everyday diaper bag some facelift or personality.

  • Personalize

If you are adept with a sewing machine, or you know someone who does, then you could try embroidering your baby’s name or initials onto the bag. You can also mix and match decorative customization pieces such as letters, adornments, and the like while following a pre-made pattern of a bag and turn it into something truly your own. This immediately gives the diaper bag something special. Not to mention it will make keeping an eye on your bag much easier especially during travels.

Final Thoughts

We have already established that diaper bags are indispensable for new parents, and this is among the reasons why there are a lot of different types and brands on the market today. However, there is still a slight chance that you won’t find the one that you exactly want. Hence, customizing is the way to go!

Learning how to customize your own diaper bag is not a necessary skill to learn, but by doing so, you can have a lot more input in how the outcome will look. Depending on the style of bag you want to make–a messenger bag, a backpack, or a clutch bag, you can determine how many pockets it will have and where exactly to place them.

Plus, there is also a sense of pride in seeing that something so beautiful and handy is a product of your hard work and creative inputs. Nothing will show your love for your baby more than a well-thought of and customized diaper bag. Just remember to have fun all throughout the process. After all, this might probably be one of the first projects you will do in your parenting journey, might as well establish a good mood.

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