Diaper bag vs backpack: Which is better?

Diaper bag vs backpack: Which is better?
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A lot of parents try to convert a regular backpack into a diaper bag. But does it work? Does all the baby stuff needed when going out fit into a backpack? It might, but not all the time.

A diaper bag can do the job. In this article, we will see which one is better: diaper bag vs backpack.

A diaper bag is intended to carry baby essentials like milk bottles, diapers, wipes, changing pad, and clothes when you are on the go with your baby. It has many pockets and compartments where you can systematically place these items. It has outer pockets where you can place and easily access milk bottles, wipes, keys, etc.

Diaper bag vs backpack

A backpack is used to carry things for daily life or travel. It has shoulder straps that evenly distribute the weight. It has pockets too, but fewer than a diaper bag.

It is made with sturdy materials that are easy to clean, but usually not water resistant. It is comfortable and easy to carry.

We can identify which is better for baby essentials by comparing the features—diaper bag vs backpack.

Diaper bag features

A diaper bag has many pockets and compartments where everything needed when going out with a baby. It is generally lightweight and small enough to fit in car compartment, stroller, or buggy. It is made of durable materials like polyester and nylon which are often waterproof or water resistant to make it easy to clean and prevent water absorption.

Some features of diaper bag include the following:

Spacious main compartment and lots of pockets

The best features of diaper bags are the space and pockets where you can place baby essentials in an organized manner. Pockets include water bottle pockets, zippered pockets, insulated pockets, and zippered pockets for keys, cash, and other valuables.

Durable, waterproof materials

Diaper bags are made of resilient, waterproof materials that are easy to clean. Manufacturers understand that diaper bags are prone to spills and leaks from milk bottles, baby foods, and even soiled diapers. So, they use easy-to-clean materials as well as strong stitching.


Diaper bags used to come in bright or pastel colors that reflect your personality or the sex of your baby. Today, diaper bags come in a greater variety of styles that can look good with any outfit.

High-end designers like Kate Spade and Coach also create high-end diaper bags that are stylish enough to be used by celebrity moms. Some diaper bags look so great that they can be used as an everyday bag.

Backpack features

Backpacks come in different types and are used for different purposes. They are referred to as knapsacks, rucksacks, book bags, kitbags, packs, or sack packs. They are usually worn by students and hikers to carry many different items for long hours. It evenly distributes the weight to prevent shoulder pain.

Some backpack features include the following:

Wide, cushioned straps

These kinds of straps are very comfortable, while thin straps can cause abrasions and bruises to the shoulder area.

Many compartments

Backpacks have compartments where you can place your things. This is why backpacks are also used as diaper bags. These compartments allow you to evenly distribute the weight and prevent a bottom-heavy bag.

Some compartments of backpack are for water bottles, pockets for pens, and waterproof pockets. Some pockets have lockable zippers so you can secure valuables like keys, cash, and phone.

Waist strap

The waist strap keeps you stable even when carrying heavy loads. It also minimizes pressure on neck and shoulder areas. It can be secured around the waist while on the go.


Backpacks may be built with or without a frame. The frame adds durability to support heavy loads but it also adds weight. When you use a backpack to carry baby essentials, you might want to consider using a frameless one.

Which is better?

Some people successfully transform a regular backpack into a diaper bag. There’s nothing wrong with it as long as you’re comfortable and able to carry all baby essentials you need.

Some parents use regular backpacks to evenly distribute the weight on the shoulders, and because diaper bags look like, well diaper bags.

However, diaper bags now come in more stylish designs that they can be used as a regular backpack after the baby has grown and you no longer need one. They also come in backpack styles with durable, padded shoulder straps for more comfort and to evenly distribute the weight. It has more features suited to carry baby essentials when going out.

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