Diaper Bags Brands: Top Bags from The Top Brands

Diaper Bags Brands
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Diaper bags need not be drab nor boring. After all, parents do not have to look dowdy nor have plain-looking accessories just because they already have kids. In fact, parents nowadays are becoming more and more fashionable, and a lot of diaper bags brands are keeping up by catering to their stylish tastes and love for functionality.

Knowing The Different Kinds of Diaper Bags

There are plenty of diaper bags on the market that offer style, function, and comfort. And these come in different sizes and shapes, too!

1. Backpack Diaper Bags

The backpack diaper bags let users carry the item on both of their shoulders. This is perfect for parents who tend to carry around plenty of items when heading out. This diaper bag is highly the same as the regular backpack but is designed to have more features.
The diaper bag is also highly recommended for those with back problems as the weight are evenly distributed on both shoulders and the back. Going for this kind is a winner especially if you prefer function over style.

2. Messenger Diaper Bags

The messenger diaper bags are perfect for those who like having their bags across their body. It has a single strap that is long so that it can be worn on the shoulder or the chest. Messenger diaper bags are normally preferred by the daddies, but some mommies may like having the diaper bags across their bodies, too.

3. Totes

Totes are another kind of diaper bags. They are like shoulder bags and are preferred by those who want to carry the bag under their arm. Some of these tote diaper bags come with an extra strap to let users convert them into a shoulder bag or even hang them easily on the stroller as needed. These bags come in different sizes and designs. There are plenty of choices available for tote diaper bags, unlike the backpack ones.

The Best Diaper Bags Brands: The Highly Recommended Ones

Kate Spade Tanden

Kate Spade Tanden is a chic diaper bag. It is so stylish that one can use it even when the little ones no longer need the baby bottles or the diapers. It has a 14-karat gold plate hardware to provide more style and to signify luxury. It is also made from black nylon that has a sleek construction complete with the polyester lining that can easily be wiped clean. And it comes with a zipped pocket to store wet clothes as well as an easy-to-access pouch for diapers.

White ELms Arrows Weekender Bag

The White ELms Arrows Weekender Bag makes weekend getaways much easier. This bag is lightweight but can still carry plenty of the baby’s essential items. It has vegan leather straps, too! Furthermore, the bag has four interior pockets and two deep exterior ones where users can place the feeding bottles or even their drinks. Plus, this bag is machine-washable.

Compact Mommy Tote Bag

The Compact Mommy Tote Bag is stylish given its patterned print yet at the same time functional. It has interior and exterior pockets, a detachable shoulder bag as well as stroller attachments. This diaper bag also comes with an insulated interior bottle pocket to keep infant bottles warm for hours as well as a bonus changing pad.

IoMommy Diaper Bag

The IoMommy Diaper Bag is both compact and cute, which makes it the perfect companion for casual outings of mommies and babies. It has a minimalist design but still provides enough partitions with its six pockets to help mommies organize and reach stuff in the bag easily. It also boasts of easy-to-reach exterior pockets as well as a changing pad.

Skip Hop Duo Special Edition

The Skip Hop Duo Special Edition is a good fit for parents who are very health conscious as this diaper bag is BPA- and phthalate-free. Plus, its trendy design is perfect for the fashion-conscious mommies. The bag also boasts of having a wipe-clean surface, zipper closures on the outside pockets and an adjustable shoulder strap. This diaper bag has a total of nine pockets, which includes two insulated ones for the feeding bottle.

Carter’s Zip Fashion Diaper Bag

The Carter’s Zip Fashion Diaper Bag is considered as one of the best diaper bags brands on the market. It is designed with a zip-down front pocket, which can transform into the baby’s changing table with the removable pad. This bag has a total of eight pockets to let parents store the baby’s stuff conveniently. This product also comes with a pouch for the soiled or wet clothes. It can also be easily attached to the stroller.

Kilofly Baby Bohemian

The Kilofly Baby Bohemian is perfect for those who want to display their playful and stylish side. This bag has differently sized pockets and a crossbody design. It comes with a separate bottle holder that is insulated to help keep the baby bottles warm for a longer period. Plus, the product maker has thrown in a changing pad as another bonus.

Ely’s and Co Diaper Bag

The Ely’s and Co Diaper Bag is a sleekly designed nylon bag that can pass off as an expensive luxury branded bag. It has enough room even for a tablet or even a small laptop. Users can clean this item easily by just wiping it. This diaper bag also has a total of seven pockets both located inside and outside of the bag.

The Hip Cub Weekender Tote

The Hip Cub Weekender Tote is a great canvass diaper bag to bring when kids are staying over at someone’s house. This bag has a total of nine pockets with adorable patterns. It is easy to clean, too as one only needs to wipe off the dust and dirt.

Mommy Daddy & Me

Mommy Daddy & Me offers functionality with its 13 pockets. It is stylish and spacious and not to mention fashionable. Plus, it has an exterior pocket at the back that can fit a tablet while the front ones can carry other essential things for the baby.
We are now at a time where style meets functionality; gone are the days of using parenthood as an excuse to look shabby and unkept. Whatever style you want to sport, there is a corresponding diaper bag for it. It’s just a matter of choosing the brand you can trust.

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