Graco Gotham Baby Diaper Bag Backpack: The Best Organizer System Review

Graco Gotham Baby Diaper Bag Backpack: The Best Organizer System Review
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Maintaining a diaper bag can be difficult because taking care of a baby is chaotic enough. But it gets to a whole new level when you are taking care of a baby outside of your home.

After strolling or shopping, you will already feel tired, and the last thing that you want to do is to fix your now cluttered diaper bag. With that in regard, the Graco Gotham Baby Diaper Bag Backpack might just offer you a bit of peace of mind.

The Graco Gotham Baby Diaper Bag Backpack boasts of its innovative use of pockets to make the lives of parents easier. In this read, we are going to review the said bag so we can finally see if there would indeed be anything new that can be introduced to diaper bags that could potentially help parents even more.

Features of Graco Gotham Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

  • The bag has a sleek but sporty design.
  • It is made of polyester material.
  • It has a large main compartment that also has smaller pockets attached to it.
  • You use the bag as a backpack, but you can also carry it as a tote bag due to its handle at the top.
  • It has two pockets that are insulated to keep the temperature of your milk bottles.
  • The top and bottom pockets at the front are composed of small and medium flat compartments where you can store flat items of your baby or even your personal belongings.
  • The back of the bag has ridges that were designed to cushion your back against the weight of the bag.
  • It comes with a pad used to change diapers.
  • It is made using the so-called smart organizer system design.
  • It has a wipes dispenser at the side
  • The dimensions of the bag are 17.5 x 15 x 4 inches


  • Unisex
  • Having a wipe dispenser pocket is really useful for parents especially when you are handling a toddler who could always get into dirty places.
  • The wipe dispenser pocket also fits most of the default sizes of wet wipes containers.
  • The smart organizer system works in such a way that you can designate specific places for a certain object.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • The ridges at the back of the bag provide enough comfort to the user even though the bag might get heavy.
  • It has insulated pockets that can store your baby’s milk bottles.


  • The bag tends to lose its shape when filled with a lot of things.
  • The smart organizer system fails when there are things that are of different sizes that you are going to put inside.
  • The pockets are just flatlined and do not have stoppers. This means that when you have a smaller thing like a dipper stored in the front pocket, it would move about in the bag.
  • The backpack is not waterproof which is not ideal for taking care of babies.
  • The shoulder straps material can chafe your skin.
  • The material that is used can easily be torn so you have to be careful that the bag would not get snagged.
  • The stitching also gets unstitched easily.
  • It cannot be attached to a stroller.


The Graco Gotham Baby Diaper Bag Backpack has a smart organizer system that would help the user of the bag to organize their things properly. It also has an innovative wipe dispenser on its side that is easy to access for those who need a speed clean.

It has a sporty design that can be used by both parents. The carrying capacity is also large and roomy. The ridges can support the back of the user. It is used as a backpack but can be carried using the top handle.

Comparison with the All Camp Diaper Bag 

Not only does the difference between the Graco Gotham Baby Diaper Bag Backpack and the All Camp Diaper Bag lies in the shape of the bag, but also with their pocket contents.

The All Camp Diaper Bag is also roomy, but its square design works against proper organizing as the bag would not be compact. Likewise, having too much space at the center of the bag poses a risk for things to move around.

On the other hand, the Graco Gotham Baby Diaper Bag Backpack has all of its pockets secured at the front and the sides so there is less risk for the things to be shuffled around.


The best feature of the Graco Gotham Baby Diaper Bag Backpack is the side pocket that was made to be a wipe dispenser. Thus, you no longer have to put down the bag every time you need to wipe your baby.

Likewise, you can easily organize your baby’s items, as well as yours, because of the different pockets included.

Wearing the bag as a backpack for a long time will also not be a problem since it has a good back support. Nevertheless, it is advisable for you not to put too much heavy stuff inside the bag since the shoulder straps may chafe your skin. But, you can resolve such by simply using it as a handbag.


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