How Much Is a Diaper Bag?

How Much Is a Diaper Bag?
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As doting moms and dads, you know that traveling with babies can be very challenging. You need to ensure that all essential stuff is with you. The use of diaper bags helps a lot in carrying out this task with ease and comfort. If you consider getting one, then, usually, among the first things that come to your mind is “how much is a diaper bag?” Read on to find out.

Selling Points

Many things can affect the price of the bag, which is mostly its inherent attributes.

  • Design and Style

A diaper bag may come in different forms. There are backpacks, shoulder bags, totes, and more. The popular designs tend to be priced higher versus those that are bought less.

  • Materials and Durability

The type of materials used is a huge factor for how much abuse the bag can take. Better materials last longer, but it can jack up the price significantly. Flimsy materials may not make a bag as durable but may be priced lower.

  • Construction

A bag that is put together well may mean a lot of work has been put into it, and that will translate into a higher price. These bags have better stitches. The way that the rivets and the buttons were put on the bag look cleaner.

  • Features and Functionality

Just like any product out there, the more features they carry, the higher the price point would be. The basic products tend to carry the lowest prices, while those that are packed with more features—like being waterproof, insulation, changing pads, etc.—will fetch higher prices on the market.

  • Size

A bigger-sized bag may cost higher than regular bags because of the amount of material that went into making that bag. Also, a bigger bag can mean it has more compartments, extra pockets, and additional features.

  • Fashionability and Trend

Trendier bags tend to be more expensive than regular, run-of-the-mill bags. Bags that appear hip or fashionable may be more in demand.

  • Brand

Well-known brands or the more popular ones have more leverage because of the what their brand name implies to bring with the product.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Diaper Bag

Before making a purchase, consider several factors to give you an idea of what to look for in a diaper bag.

  • What to store in the bag?

Make a list of the things that you’ll bring to determine the size of the bag that you’ll need. This should fit in all the essentials and extra stuff in a well-organized manner.

  • What type of bag best suits your needs?

Diaper bags come in a wide variety of choices. They are available in different styles, sizes, and color.


The usual types fall under the usual categories of tote bags, backpacks, and shoulder bags. The design of the bag need not fall under these categories.


Consider as well how you’d want to organize the things you’d be putting in it. Dividers and compartments provide you with the opportunity to organize everything into sections. Pockets also give you the same capability, with the added feature of accessibility.


The size of the bag should be able to fit everything. Bigger objects need bigger space. Small items could easily fit into pockets or may be placed in containers that you can later arrange inside the bag.


The color may be the least of your worries, but it wouldn’t hurt to pick one out that suits your taste. Having to lug around a bag can be burdensome. The experience may be more bearable if it has the added benefit of making you look hip and trendy.

How Much Is a Diaper Bag?

The costs of diaper bags may vary depending on the styles, features, and brands.

  • Low-End Diaper Bags

Diaper bags under this category are usually priced at $35 or less. These bags might lack quality and durability. Their designs may be much simpler compared to more expensive ones. Some of these may offer less space, and may not have that many pockets to work with.

  • Mid-Range Diaper Bags

These bags would be priced between $35 to $100. Prices that fall within this range are what may be considered to fall within the sweet spot. The bags here are the ones that are sturdier, made with better materials, but would not cost an arm and a leg.

  • High-End Diaper Bags

Most of these bags are the ones that go with the current trend, carry the popular brands or the ones that are widely considered to be fashionable. These bags are priced over $100 and can go over $500 in some cases.

These brands may not necessarily be the best types, but rather, were made to cater to a group of consumers whose concerns in buying go well beyond what an average consumer might be thinking of. These are bags that are made of more expensive materials, that may not necessarily be the best kind for a baby bag or designs that go along with the fashion trends.

Which Price Range Should I Go for?

The safest answer would be to go for the mid-range bags if you can’t settle for which one to go for. These bags are those that are well balanced for all attributes; those that would not break the bank.

If you do decide to buy ones that fall within the high-end range, as long as the price is not an issue, then you may opt to do so. Bags at these price range, more often than not, are the ones that offer features that are not commonly found in typical bags.

Low-end bags are the least desirable, not unless your primary concern is price, and wouldn’t mind that these bags are not as good as the mid-range ones in terms of quality and durability.

Other Points to Consider

  • Keep in mind that the more expensive bags don’t necessarily mean better bags.
  • Thrift shops and discount stores sometimes offer good diaper bags.
  • Convert an existing bag into a more functional bag for keeping your babies needs.
  • Know your priorities before splurging on a diaper bag. Don’t invest too much in a bag as your needs may vary from time to time.

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