How to organize diaper bag

How to organize diaper bag
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You don’t really know how much you have to carry once you have a baby. So, it is important to make the most of your diaper bag, but be sure to reduce its weight to prevent muscle pain. Diaper bags have many pockets, and it can be overwhelming – where should you place the milk bottle?

Where should you keep your wallet and phone secured? This article helps you with how to organize diaper bag to make it systematic and convenient.

Convenience always starts with a good diaper bag. It should have enough outer pockets and more internal compartments. It is also a good idea to pick a diaper bag with unisex style that can go with different outfits.

Choose something that both parents will feel comfortable carrying to prevent transferring your items from one bag to another. This is can be annoying and time consuming.

Examples of good diaper bag brands are the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack, the CoolBell Baby Diaper Backpack, and the Laguna Tide Travel Diaper Bag. Professional organizers recommend the backpack style diaper bags for more comfort and convenience. It keeps your hands free so you can do more tasks.

How to organize diaper bag

When you have a good diaper bag, the next step is to determine how to organize your things in it. So, how do you organize things using the interior pockets? Allocate the interior pockets and use reusable plastic bags labelled with black marker to keep things in order.

For phones, keys, and wallets, put them in the outer pockets with the zippers; these pockets are easy to access while keeping your valuables secured.

It is worth noting that packing too much is not advisable. The more things you carry, the more difficult to manage the diaper bag.

It also makes the bag too heavy, defeating the purpose of convenience. Transfer small amounts of creams, wipes, etc. into travel sized containers to improve convenience and portability.

Determine your activity

The number of things you need to put inside the diaper bag depends on your activity. Do you spend most of the time in the car? If yes, you don’t have to put too much in a diaper bag. When you are traveling or having a walk in the park, you need to pack more things and consider weight.

List of baby essentials to stash in the diaper bag

With so many things in mind, you might miss one thing. So here is a checklist of essentials you need to put inside the diaper bag:

  • Bring one diaper for each hour you will be out
  • Bring around 10 wipes for quick trips
  • Hand sanitizer. It can be used when there’s no time for washing hands
  • Changing pad. Most diaper bags now come with changing pad. Some parents use hand towel for the purpose
  • Milk bottles (Formula or expressed breast milk)
  • Consider stashing plastics for soiled diapers, clothes, etc.
  • Pacifiers or toys to keep the baby entertained
  • Extra set of baby clothes

All these essentials should be placed strategically in the different pockets and compartments of the diaper bag. Clothes, infant formula, towels, and changing pad can be placed in the main compartment. Wipes, sanitizers, and plastics can be put in the outer pockets, while phones, keys, and cash can be placed in the secured pockets.

The checklist will change as your baby grows. For toddlers, you might need to add bandages, sippy cup, and age-appropriate toys. You will need to bring fewer essentials while the baby gets older.

Other tips to organize diaper bag

A mother shares one tip for organizing the diaper bag. Involve your husband when organizing the things so that he will be familiar with it.

When the time comes and it’s his turn to use the bag, he will be able to use it conveniently and easily locate each thing.

Avoid transferring baby essentials to another bag. It is more time saving and convenient to use only one bag. With only one diaper bag, you will always be ready when going out.

It is also a good idea to use a diaper bag with a detachable diaper pouch that you can easily detach and stash in the stroller; you won’t have to bring the entire bag when running a quick errand.

Organizing a diaper bag is a personal thing. You can do it your way as long as you remember where you put each baby essential.

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