How to Pack Diaper Bags

How to Pack Diaper Bags
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The way you pack your diaper bag can either save your day or turn it into a total disaster. That is why you must know how to pack diaper bags.

There are tons of different things that come to our minds when we think about a diaper bag. But which ones of them are really needed in there?

Well, there is no certain answer to it because your requirements vary according to several factors, such as your baby’s age, the amount of time you are going to spend outside, how well-equipped you want to be, and more.

It does not matter if you are a new mother or an experienced one, this comprehensive read will properly guide you about the basics of packing a diaper bag efficiently. So, keep reading and start packing.

How to Pack Diaper Bags: The Basics

You have to start with the basics as listed below.

Select the Right Bag

First, you need to pick the correct diaper bag according to your requirements. Ideally, a bag with ample storage and numerous separate compartments work well with everyone because it allows you to keep your stuff well-organized.

Make sure the bag is sturdy and can easily endure rough and everyday use. Also, try to go for the material that is not a hassle to clean in case something spills inside.

Essentials to Add in the Diaper Bag

When it comes to packing the bag, there are numerous things that you can add. But, you do not need to overpack. Here’s the list of the most important things that should always be inside your diaper bag.


Needless to say, a diaper bag has to accommodate diapers. Be generous while stuffing the diapers in your bag so that you are always ready.

Cleaning Wipes

Get good quality, portable, and travel-friendly baby wipes. However, make sure to use a good brand that is not harsh on your baby’s skin.

Rash Ointment

Diapers and rash ointments go hand in hand. Get the one that comes in a small tube, so it doesn’t take up too much of your bag’s space.

Changing Sheet

Majority of the diaper bags come with diaper changing sheets, but they are way too small. So, it’s better to pack a separate one that is a bit bigger.

Money and House Keys

While being busy with packing your child’s stuff, do not forget the other essentials like money and house keys.


Don’t forget to pack the teether if your child uses it. And do not just toss it in anywhere you want. Sanitize it and store it in a clean container or a Ziplock bag.


Infants barf several times a day so washcloths are extremely important and there is no certain limit to their number.

Blanket or a Warm Cloth

If your child is in infancy, then it is mandatory to keep a blanket or any other warm cloth to cover them up, regardless of the season. However, if your child is a bit bigger, then you can skip it.

Formula Feed

If you are not a nursing mother or you feed your baby with both breast milk and formula feed, then, make sure to keep its box in the bag. Also, do not forget to keep a water bottle for preparing the baby’s food instantly.

Feeding Bottles

Keep at least two feeding bottles. One for water and the other one for milk or formula feed. Use the graduated bottles so you can easily measure the quantity of water for preparing the formula. Store the baby nipples in a clean bag or container.

Additional Clothes

Keep at least two extra clothes of your baby. If you are planning to stay out for a little longer, you can keep more as well.


No matter what the season is, do keep some headgear to keep your baby safe from extreme temperatures.

Disposable Bags

You will need these bags for tossing away your baby’s used diapers. Try to use the bags that are biodegradable and pro-environment.

Nursing Shed and Breast Pads

This one only applies to you if you are a nursing mom and will require breastfeeding openly. Also, don’t forget to add a few breast pads to clean up any leakage.

Nasal Pump

If your child is suffering from nasal congestion, make sure to keep a nasal pump.

First-Aid Kit

A lot of mothers skip this, but it is highly critical to add a few first-aid items in your bag, such as bandage strips, anti-inflammatory ointments, and pain reducers.


If your child is old enough to play with toys then do add a few of them.


After reading the details in this article, you may have learned the answer to the question, “How to pack diaper bags?” Packing a diaper bag isn’t rocket science. Just recognize your needs well and pack accordingly for saving yourself any trouble or suffering.

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