How to Personalize Your Own Diaper Bag in Three Ways

How to Personalize Your Own Diaper Bag
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Any parent knows that when you have a baby or a toddler, you always have to be prepared for anything—like spills, clothes getting soiled with dirt or food, soiled diapers, and the list goes on. This is why a diaper bag is always a necessity for parents and parents-to-be. Although there are a lot of diaper bags on the market, sometimes you just can’t find the right bag for you. If this is your case, then knowing how to personalize your own diaper bag is a must.

A personalized diaper bag has its perks which is why many parents choose to have one. One, you can choose your own style. Two, you can design the bag according to how you want it to look. Three, you can decide how many pockets you want the bag to have; how big they’re gonna be, the placement, etc. Lastly, you can control your budget. Since you’re the one making the diaper bag, you have total control over the materials you would use.

How to Personalize Your Own Diaper Bag

Doing customizations on your own may seem like a daunting task especially for moms with limited crafting skills. Fortunately, personalizing a diaper bag can be done in different ways, and to help you, we rounded up three easy ideas that you can start with:

1. Give an Existing Bag or Diaper Bag a Full-blown Makeover

Do you have a favorite bag that you’re not using anymore? Convert it into a functional diaper bag by adding portable pouches inside. You can buy compact organizers for additional storage if the bag has no interior pockets. You can also make your own portable organizer if you prefer it to have item-specific pockets

On the outside, you can also give your bag an upgrade by adding your own touch of style, such as:

  • Wrapping a printed scarf around the handles: You can see this style done by owners of bags, including designer bags, as their way to personalize it. A brightly-printed scarf will look good on plain or dark-colored bags. This is a great option to have a chic-looking bag.
  • Attaching embellishments: You can liven up a plain-looking diaper bag by adding cute trinkets, ribbons or other trimmings that you like. However, avoid using small items which can be accidentally swallowed in case they get detached from the bag. Also, no matter how cute they look, don’t use bag charms with pointed or rough edges that might be harmful to your baby.
  • Adding monograms: Using monograms to accessorize is the classic way to really personalize a diaper bag since you can put your baby’s name or initials on the bag.
  • Placing stickers and patches: Aside from letters, you can also design your diaper bag with colorful fabric stickers and patches. What’s great about decorating with these is that you can hide old stains, cover holes, scratches, pen marks and other flaws your bag already have.
  • Using a bandana: If you don’t have a nice scarf to wrap around the handles, you can use a bandana. This option is effortless and the simplest of all. You just need a bandana, tie it to one side of your bag handle and you’re done. You no longer have to cover the whole length of the handle.

2. DIY Diaper Bag

If you are fond of crafts, then, making your own diaper bag is a great project to add to your list. For some moms, making one themselves is the best option to ensure that they get what they want in a diaper bag. This also saves them time scouring local and online stores looking for the right bag and ending up disappointed because it’s either overpriced or has too little to offer.

For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, the internet is a treasure trove when it comes to personalized diaper bag ideas and designs. There are also websites that offer free diaper bag templates including step-by-step instructions in making a particular design.

Although the variety of options can be used to your advantage as a DIYer, too many ideas can also be overwhelming to handle. To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, make a list of the features you want in a diaper bag before consulting the internet.

If you’re a new parent, be sure to visit reliable parenting websites to get an overall picture of what a functional diaper bag should be. Check if it coincides with your idea of must-haves and make adjustments as you see fit.

To be on the safe side, if it’s your first diaper bag project, it’s best to choose a simple design with instructions that can be easily followed. This is a good way to practice your sewing skills before switching up to more complicated patterns.

3. Purchase a Customized Diaper Bag

If you really don’t have enough time or skill to sew or customize your own diaper bag, you can still personalize one without physically doing it yourself. Find local shops nearby that accept orders for a customized diaper bag.

Another option is to find a reliable online store. Since personalized items are trending online, some stores specialize in making personalized diaper bags. Some will let you design the whole bag yourself, while others will let you choose a bag design you like and then let you change the colors, add other features, and more.

This option might not be the most economical way to go. Nevertheless, if you’re big on custom-made items but don’t know how to personalize a diaper bag, this is the surest way to go.


Since a diaper bag is a necessity for all parents, old and new, practicing how to personalize your own diaper bag is a nifty thing to do. Instead of relying on somebody else’s idea of a functional diaper bag, you get to design and make your own according to what feels right for you and your child. You can also save money since most diaper bags these days are quite expensive, especially if you want a good quality product that you can use for years.

Most importantly, gifting your little one with something personalized is one way of making them feel special. Of course, they won’t be aware of it because they’re still young, but when they get older, they will surely appreciate the time and effort you spent to make them one.

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