How to Sew A Diaper Bag’s Accessory

How to Sew A Diaper Bag’s Accessory
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So you’re nearing your due date, and you’re just about bored out of your wits waiting for the day to come. You’re a crafty gal, and you’re looking to get your hands on another easy project.

Learning how to sew a diaper bag would be a fun challenge, and a nice project to add to your craft-making portfolio. But what if you already know how to sew a diaper bag? Or what if you’ve already made one?

Consider learning how to sew a diaper bag’s accessory instead! Commercially-sold diaper bags already come with tons of pockets and accessories. If you’re the crafty mom who decided to sew her own diaper bag, you might have missed on a few useful accessories. Add these to your kit for a more practical and efficient timeout with your baby.

How to Sew a Changing Pad Clutch Bag

One useful accessory that would make for an exciting and quick challenge would be a changing pad clutch bag. It’s a little folding pad you can carry with you when you’re out with your baby, and it’s got a pocket to store nappy-changing essentials like diapers and wet wipes.

What is the best part? You can choose the color and print of your fabric, and style your clutch to be 100% in line with your aesthetic. Be the stylishly practical mom that you’ve always wanted to be.


  • Exterior and Pocket: ½ yard cotton print
  • Interior: ½ yard laminate fabric
  • Thread
  • Velcro

Step 1

Cut the cotton and the laminate fabric into a 13” x 35” rectangle. Lay down the fabrics side by side and pin their edges together.

Step 2

With a ½” seam allowance, sew all of the edges together. Don’t forget to leave about five inches untouched as an opening to turn the material inside out later on.

Step 3

Make sure the edges will be stiffer and square by cutting the extra fabric at the corners.

Step 4

Turn your creation inside out and momentarily seal the five-inch hole with some pins.

Step 5

Do a top stitch all the way up until you cover the hole. It is vital to use a top stitch with a seam allowance of at least ¼” so that the edges of the fabric can be sewn shut.

Step 6

Turn the top-stitched end inside out to create the changing pad’s pocket. Make sure to pin all the edges so that the fabric is kept in place.

Step 7

Do a top stitch around all of the edges of the mat. Again, use a ¼”-seam allowance.

Step 8

Add the velcro to create a seal. Insert a couple of diapers and a packet of wipes into the pocket so you can gauge the thickness that you desire.

As an alternative to the velcro seal, you can also sew on ribbons to the ends of your pads. This is quieter than velcro, but it takes a little more time to tie.

Sew in the velcro, and you’re done!

How to Sew A Diaper Bag’s Accessory

A wet bag is another essential accessory to always have in your diaper bag. It’s a reusable bag for carrying home wet items and soiled diapers. This is especially useful for moms who are thrifty and environmentally conscious. If you’re concerned about minimizing your waste, and you don’t enjoy spending money on plastic bags, sewing a reusable wet bag would be a great project to take on.

It only takes about 20 minutes to create this useful little bag, so it’s a project that is not too challenging either. Materials aren’t very hard to come by. Basically, there is no excuse not to take on this project, especially if you’ve already experienced taking on bigger, more time-consuming craftwork.


  • A 13” x 31” piece of water-resistant fabric, such as PUL
  • A 12” zipper
  • Coordinating polyester thread


  • A sewing machine

Step 1

On the 13″-side of your PUL (or similar water-resistant) fabric, lay down the zipper to face upwards, with the outer side of the PUL fabric facing down. Sew your zipper to the fabric.

Step 2

Fold the lower 13”-side of your fabric to the other side of your zipper. Make sure that the sides of the fabric that are printed are facing upwards and are together on the same side.

Tip: If you have a zipper foot, it would be best to stitch with this. Sew as close to the actual zipper as you can.

Step 3

Now it’s time to stitch the sides down. Change from a zipper foot to a regular presser. Sew with a ⅝”-seam allowance.

Step 4

Turn your bag inside out and voila! There you have it, your very own wet bag.

Other Similar Projects

Crafting can get addictive once you get the hang of it. Learning how to sew a diaper bag and its accompanying accessories can inspire you to keep sewing and creating more stuff for your baby. This is really good because it gives your things a more personal touch. If you’re still itching to get crafting, here are a few other simple baby items you can consider creating:

Cloth Diapers

These are another project for the budget- and environmentally-conscious mom. Cloth diapers can help you save a ton of money on disposable diapers. It also helps the environment a lot by reducing your contribution to the already excessive amount of plastic, non-biodegradable waste.

Cloth Wipes

Similarly, wipes can also be crafted and made of cloth. For a mom living sustainably, it only seems natural to be turning most of your non-biodegradable diaper accessories into reusable ones.

Diaper Pail Liners

Before laundry day, you can store your dirty nappies into a diaper pail. But you wouldn’t want the pail to be lined with plastic. You can make a pail liner using cloth as well.

Final Words

Sewing your own baby accessories is a fun, crafty, and budget-friendly activity to take on, especially if you have a lot of time to spare.

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