Maman Diaper Bag Review

Maman Diaper Bag
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No travel accessory is more important to a mom or dad with a baby or a toddler than a diaper bag. Diapers and wipes for “emergency” situations, bottles of milk to keep the wee one fed, some change of clothes to keep them dry and tidy, some toys for distraction, and, of course, some of your personal articles have to go into the mix.

Understandably, the diaper bag has to be roomy and come with multiple compartments so that you won’t find yourself fumbling for what you need. Or worse, taking out all the stuff out just to find the baby wipes buried underneath!

And with all the improvements made in the old school diaper bag, it would also be a breather if you get one that embraces your personal style. Perhaps a gender-neutral bag will make daddy more willing to take his shift. But, of course, traditional or not, a diaper bag has to fulfill its purpose. So, let’s find out and see if the Maman Diaper Bag is a keeper.


The Maman Diaper Bag comes with the following features:

  • Versatile look

This diaper tote sports a gender-neutral design that parents-on-duty—even dads—won’t be embarrassed to carry around. It comes in black, navy blue, dark grey, denim, and red variants with brown trims and handles as well as a red zipper.

And made with a high-quality, waterproof, and wipe-clean material, it affords you a bag that’s easy to maintain and that will last you a long while. And if you feel like it, you can even use it as your purse.

  • Good carrying capacity

Measuring 13 x 6 x 16 inches, the Maman Diaper Bag has got enough room to accommodate your baby’s travel essentials and yours.

  • 10 inner and outer pockets

Including the zippered main compartment, the diaper bag is equipped with ten pockets to make organizing and searching for what you need fast and easy. Outside, you’ll find two side pockets for bottles and drinks, a back pocket to segregate your changing pad from the rest of your stuff, and two magnetic front pockets to keep toys, wipes, and other in-demand items accessible.

Inside, you have two interior pockets that can hold diapers and one zippered pocket for your money, valuables, and other items.

  • Multiple carrying styles

The Maman Diaper Bag comes with short top handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a pair of integrated universal stroller straps. Carry it by the handle, hang it on your shoulders, or fasten it on your stroller.

  • Complimentary Changing Mat

The bag comes with a matching solid-colored changing pad that makes diaper changes in public places hygienic.

  • Five color options

The Maman Diaper Bag is available in five classic colors—black, blue, dark grey, denim, and red.


  • Gender-neutral design
  • Blends with a range of outfits
  • Converts easily into a stroller organizer
  • Makes organization easy with its many pockets
  • The external back pocket allows you to separate the changing pad.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comes in many color variants
  • Easy to clean
  • Washable


  • Might be too small for your needs
  • No insulated pocket or compartment for bottles


  • RUVALINO Diaper Tote Bag

Another gender-neutral bag that won’t embarrass daddies-on-duty is the RUVALINO Diaper Tote Bag. It comes in a solid black color with gold and silver metal accents. Unfortunately, it is not available in other color options like the product-in-review. But black is a good color of choice if one should stick to produce a bag in one color only.

Like the Maman Diaper Bag, this tote comes with many pockets—11 to be exact. Two of those pockets are insulated and four are outside with the zippered one at the back large enough for a changing pad. But what you’ll most likely love about this bag is that the main compartment opens wide like a doctor’s bag.

However, one thing that you might miss about the product-in-review if you go for the more affordable RUVALINO Diaper Tote Bag is the complimentary stroller straps. If you’re so inclined, then maybe you can make a pair of separately purchased straps to work with its D-rings. Or, if the strap at the back that allows you to secure the bag on top of a trolley enough compensation for the lack of it, then maybe this one’s for you.

  • TRUMATE Canvas Diaper Bag

If you like the Maman Diaper Bag but looking for more structure than the product-in-review, then this grey canvas bag with brown accents is worth a look. The TRUMATE Canvas Diaper Bag comes with a sturdier bottom, trunk nails, and an overall form that allow it to stand on its own. Great for mommies and daddies alike!

The bag also makes organization easy with its multiple inner and outer pockets. It has six elasticized compartments inside and one large zippered pocket. Outside, you’ll find the same number of pockets as with the product-in-review but with two obvious differences. First, the back pocket is smaller and will not conveniently fit a changing pad. Second, the two front pockets come with a flap that helps secure the contents.

And just like the Maman Diaper Bag, it can be carried via the top handles, crossbody strap, and stroller straps. It also comes with a changing pad. One thoughtful addition, however, that you cannot find in the product-in-review is the bottle holder with some insulation. While not much, it can keep a bottle of milk hot just a little longer.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish, and gender-neutral nappy bag, then the Maman Diaper Bag won’t disappoint. And with its multiple pockets and three-way carrying design, it makes organization and transportation easy and pleasurable.

While all those criteria are easily ticked off by other diaper tote bags within its price point and even lower, what you’ll love about it is that the exterior back pocket is large enough for the changing pad, allowing you to separate it from the rest of your baby stuff.

If the product-in-review came with some insulation for the bottles and a side wipe dispenser pocket, then those would have been great, too. As it is, the Maman Diaper Bag offers good value for your money.

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