Most Functional Diaper Bags: Features to Look Out For

Most Functional Diaper Bags Features to Look Out For
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Have you ever bought a thing based primarily on aesthetics, only to fail miserably in the functionality department? For sure, you’re here aware of the value of a trusty nappy sack over one that simply looks good. So, what are the important considerations when looking for the most functional diaper bags?

Features of a Functional Diaper Bag


Above everything else, a functional nappy sack must be of good quality. You surely wouldn’t want to catch yourself striving to hold everything together when the stitching or strap gives in or struggling with the zipper during an emergency poop situation. Reliability is an important aspect of functionality.

Pockets or compartments

Exterior and interior pockets or compartments are a great way to organize your and your baby’s stuff. If you have a dedicated place for everything, you will find it easy to find the things you need for every situation.


Another important consideration for a functional diaper bag is its capacity to carry the things you need, which is dependent on your lifestyle. Do you often travel long distance? Make quick trips to the grocers? Stroll in the park? There are times when a clutch diaper bag will be all you need; whereas, there are also situations wherein even a backpack won’t have enough room for your baby gear.

Thus, a functional diaper bag must have enough room for your baby’s stuff and yours to last you the entire time you’re out or on the road.


Every item you put in the bag adds to the overall weight of what you need to carry, so you wouldn’t want to take with you an already heavy bag even without the contents yet. Otherwise, you’ll get weighed down unnecessarily.

Another important consideration in relation to this is how the weight is distributed and whether the carrying position for the bag is something you’re comfortable with or something that might worsen a pre-existing medical condition.


Aside from the weight, there are other aspects that play a large part in comfort. One is the handle and another is the straps. Whether you’re going for a tote or a backpack, check how the handles and straps could make lugging around heavyweight less of a burden. Padded straps, for example, keep the leash from digging into your skin.

Traps Odor Inside

Chances are your diaper bag will hold unspeakable things that smell funny. So, a nappy sack made of fabric that traps smells inside will keep your awful secret a secret until you get home or find an apt place to dispose of your trash.

Waterproof or washable

If there’s any bag that’s inclined to get dirty or wet, it’s this bag. A functional diaper bag should at least be washable and at most waterproof.

Gender appropriate

Some of the most functional diaper bags are gender neutral. Unless only one of you is bound to use the baby bag or your husband doesn’t mind lugging around an ultra-fem diaper bag, a unisex diaper bag is in order.

Extra Features of Some of the Most Functional Diaper Bags

Back opening

A diaper bag with a lower back opening grants you access to baby’s stuff that may be sitting at the bottom. This feature saves you from rummaging through your bag just to find that item that you need.

Stroller strap

This handy tool allows you to convert your carryall purse into a stroller diaper bag. Some bags though have this as a built-in feature.

Insulated baby bottle compartment

A layer of aluminum lining your bottle compartment is a great way to insulate your baby’s milk or your own drink.

Baby wipes pocket

If there’s any one item that you should always have within reach it’s the baby wipes. A wipes pocket makes it easy for you to access this essential tool. Some bags have a dedicated baby wipes pocket with a slit, hole, or zipper.

The Different Types of Diaper Bags that Match Your Needs

Tote diaper bags

These are the most common types of diaper bags. They are carried using one hand or over the shoulder or arm.

In general, totes offer the most spacious room for your baby gear. And because they are big and have large openings, it’s easy to find the things that you need. They may come with or without some kind of closure like a zipper or magnetic clasp.

Messenger diaper bags

Coming with long straps worn over the shoulder, messenger bags allow moms and dads to access the contents of the bag without the need to put the bag down. Just like totes, messenger diaper bags may put unequal weight on one side of the body.

Messenger diaper bags, generally, can accommodate baby gear for a whole day out.

Backpack diaper bags

With two straps worn on both shoulders, backpack diaper bags provide the most balanced way to carry your baby’s stuff and yours. Also, they are great in keeping both of your hands free. Unlike the messenger nappy sack though, the backpack needs to be lowered for you to dig up what you need.

In general, a backpack has sufficient room for a short or half-day trip.

Stroller diaper bags

Suspended from a stroller, the stroller diaper bag affords you quick access to your baby’s essentials. A valid concern regarding its use though is the risk of tipping over the stroller by the weight of the bag and its contents. Provided you have a heavy stroller and the baggage’s weight is just enough, this shouldn’t be a problem though.

Although there are dedicated stroller diaper bags, other types of bags can be converted as well into a stroller nappy sack using integrated or removable stroller straps.

Clutch diaper bags

As the name suggests, the clutch diaper bag is a small purse that you can hold in one hand or through a wristlet. Its petite frame can accommodate only a couple of diapers and a pack of baby wipes. Some clutches though have a built-in changing pad.

Because of its small size, the clutch diaper bag is enough only for quick trips.

Basically, what makes for the most functional diaper bag depends on how well it addresses your needs. Thankfully, with the abundance of choices out there, you’re bound to find one that matches your requirements—or more.

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