What Kind of Diaper Bag Should I Get?

What Kind of Diaper Bag Should I Get?
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Parenthood is difficult enough as it is sans the frustration that comes from baby item shopping–so many different goods and gadgets and ways to make a purchase that you might regret later. And one of the gazillion pre-parenthood questions you might find yourself asking is “What kind of diaper bag should I get?

Babies don’t come with instructions and raising them is a unique experience that every parent find pleasing and displeasing at the same time. Hence, a lot of products including the focus of this article, the diaper bag, were created to help moms and dads ease their ways through it. However, not all are open to using these modern baby rearing paraphernalia that some find themselves being indecisive–“Does my baby and I need all these things?”, “Does it affect my baby if I don’t use these?“, “What’s the worst that could happen if I choose not to use these?

It is not a surprise that some parents find diaper bags life-savers while the others don’t. Nevertheless, the fact that it was made to help parents carry their babies’ essentials in an organized and convenient way especially when outdoors, it deserves our undivided attention.

With that said, we will focus this article on what kind of diaper bag you should get and what to look for when purchasing one.

What to Look for in a Diaper Bag: The Checklist

In its own little way, a good-quality diaper bag can be the difference between a fun outdoor experience with your wee one versus a stressful one. The peace of mind brought about by the knowledge that you have what you need in cases of unexpected fluid spills, grumpy baby-on-board emergencies or whatnot is priceless for a parent.

However, you might have noticed that buying one is not that easy with all the available brands on the market. Well, here is a checklist of the basic features you should look for to ensure you’ll choose one that will be best not just for your baby but for you as well.

  • Storage Space

Again, the whole point of a diaper bag is that it should be able to house everything your baby may need during an outdoor trip. This could range anywhere from a few diapers, some backup and backup’s backup clothes, his or her favorite toys, pacifiers, feeding bottles, changing pads, baby wipes, sippy cups, and the other essentials. Hence, your diaper bag should be spacious enough to keep everything in.

  • Organization

A diaper bag also has to have the sufficient number of right-sized pockets to keep everything organized and within reach. That way you know where exactly to get what you need at the exact moment you need it.

  • Comfort

A day outside with your little one can be exhausting with all the running around and a couple of diaper changes and wash-ups. The last thing you want is nursing backaches and shoulder pains that you get from uncomfortable diaper bag straps.

Make sure to get a bag that’s comfortable! We cannot emphasize this enough. Choose one that has padded and wide shoulder straps. These would be perfect especially if you will be carrying the bag for hours.

  • Resilience

If you are an on-the-go parent, then your diaper bag is going to get grubby. That’s inevitable. You know this, we know this, the people around you know this, and your baby probably knows this, too! So, save yourself some money and some grief by investing in a diaper bag that will survive being dumped in not-so-clean surfaces or soaked in random bodily fluids. Invest in a diaper bag that is tough enough to get through wear and tear!

What Kind of Diaper Bag Should I Get: The Different Types

While keeping the mentioned basic features above, the answer to this question also depends on your lifestyle, preferences, and routine. Do you take daily walks outside with your baby? You may need a diaper bag with a hook to slung onto a stroller. Do you often travel by air or have any upcoming flights that you intend to tag your baby along? You may need a diaper bag that’s compact enough to fit under your seat.

Additionally, here is a list of some of the different types of diaper bags on the market today. You might want to take a look at it and see what works best for you.

  • Traditional Diaper Bag

This is a conventional bag that was designed with the baby’s essential in mind. It also has compartments for the essentials of the parents such as keys, mobile phones, and wallets. Most importantly, this bag comes in a large size, making it perfect for parents who have more than one kid.

  • Satchel Diaper Bag

This square-shaped diaper bag is smaller compared to the others. It usually comes with two handles, which are shorter compared to tote diaper bags. Restricted by its size, it has a few compartments for your baby’s essentials. Just right for a short stroll with your little one.

  • Tote Diaper Bag

This is famous amongst mothers who prefer style and convenience. This diaper bag comes with two handles which are usually slung over one shoulder. It can also be spacious with more compartments compared to the satchel types.

  • Clutch Diaper Bag

This is the diaper bag in its truest sense. Literally, you can only fit in diapers and a changing pad in this bag, which makes it perfect for a quick errand at the grocery store. It doesn’t have any handle, so you either hold it or just clutch it under your arm. Hence, the name.

  • Backpack Diaper Bag

This is the diaper bag choice of parents who are big on comfort and convenience. Aside from providing ample pockets and compartments for both you and your baby’s essentials, it also usually comes with wide padded straps that distribute the weight of the whole thing evenly on your back, so you won’t have to worry about back sores or shoulder pains.

Final Thoughts

What kind of diaper bag should I get?” Well, whatever your needs may be, add the specifics you want a diaper bag to have such as style and other add-ons while also keeping in mind the basic features and the types of diaper bags we discussed earlier and voila! You now have the perfect diaper bag that will be with you all throughout your parenting journey–or even beyond that.

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