Why Do I Need a Diaper Bag? Helpful Tips for New Moms

Why Do I Need a Diaper Bag?
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Soon-to-be parents often tend to ask themselves, “Why do I need a diaper bag?” Well, in all honesty, it is a fair enough question. After all, a diaper bag is essentially another bag that you have to carry. Couldn’t you just use your regular tote bag or your backpack to get the job done?

Sure, you can! But then again, there are good reasons why diaper bags work so well. Why else would there be so many of them on the market if it can’t help new parents, right? In fact, more and more brands are joining the bandwagon and making their own versions of a diaper bag.

In a nutshell, having a bag that is dedicated solely to the essentials of your child is really not such as bad thing. Being responsible for the wants and needs of another human being—who can’t even speak yet—is really challenging. Thus, it is always important that you be as organized with all the child’s things as much as possible.

While you might think that your regular tote bag or backpack is all good and mighty right now, it is very much advisable to invest in a good-quality diaper bag. Still not convinced? Well, then let us talk all about the reasons behind it.

Why Do I Need a Diaper Bag: The Top Five Reasons

For most moms, a diaper bag plays a great role in their lives after giving birth. In fact, these can be considered as the game changer during stressful situations such as when the baby needs changing, needs to pee, and play.

Here are the top five reasons that answer the question, “Why do I need a diaper bag?”

Diaper bag proves to be a game changer for most moms. These can be a real-life saver in stressful situations, especially when your baby needs something right away. Here are the top five reasons why a diaper is something you most definitely need.

  • Outer Pockets

It goes without saying that any type of bag is just basically a black put where you always struggle to find something. As such, a diaper bag, with its many outer pockets, is the solution we have all been waiting for.

More often than not, these outer pockets are insulated too, keeping the baby’s bottle not only accessible but also warm. Alternatively, you can also keep baby wipes in the outer pockets for easy access.

  • Removable Clutch for Diapers or Wipes

When you are running around to do a quick errand, it is pointless to carry a whole diaper bag along with you. Most diaper bags come with a removable clutch within. This clutch is ideal to store the baby wipes or diapers into. So, for a quick errand, you can grab this removable clutch and store it in the stroller for easy access.

  • The Lining Can Be Wiped Clean

Another reason why a diaper bag is a better choice than a regular backpack or a tote bag is that these bags come with a lining that can easily be wiped clean. Messes are inevitable when you have a baby, but having this feature is a lifesaver, and something most regular bags do not possess.

  • Long Straps

Most diaper bags have straps that are long enough so that you can put it over your shoulder. This is essential because, with a baby, you will always need your two arms to be free. A regular bag may not always have this feature handy.

  • Helps Keep Things Organized

When you are out, and you have a crying child along with you, you cannot be spending time digging into your bag finding something as small as a pacifier. Not only will this stress you out but it will also stress your child. This is where having a diaper bag comes in handy.

More often than not, you will find that diaper bags are loaded with tons of pockets and compartments. Half of these pockets come with some sort of safety closure too. Having these pockets and compartments allows you to keep all the baby’s essentials in the right place and have everything well-organized.

These are just a few reasons why a diaper bag is so much better in comparison to a regular bag. When you are out with your child, you need everything in your life to be as uncomplicated as possible. This is what a diaper bag will assure you.

Diaper Bag Checklist

Below, we listed down the things that every diaper bag must contain. All of these essentials will prove to be beneficial to you when you are out with your child.

  • Diapers: You will need about one every two hours. So, keep a couple with you handy.
  • Baby Cream/Ointment: To always ensure that your baby develops no rashes.
  • Light Snacks: This one is for older babies. Something that stores well and is healthy for them and you.
  • Toys: To keep the baby distracted when he or she is in distress.
  • Changing Pad: Quite a few diaper bags come with changing pads, but if you don’t have one yet, be sure to buy a changing pad and bring it with you at all times.
  • Empty Sacks: Keep a couple of small empty sacks handy with you to store soiled diapers. Preferably keep disposable ones, so that you can get rid of them right away.
  • Burp Cloths or Wash Cloths: Almost, if not every time, your baby will burp and throw up a little; these things are inevitable. Have a washcloth or a burp cloth always ready with you to reduce any possible mess.
  • Pacifiers: Store them in a clean container or a bag, along with a couple of extra ones. Ensure to keep them all sanitary.
  • Baby Wipes and Hand Sanitizer: These are definitely self-explanatory.
  • Food and Water: Whether it’s pumped breast milk or instant formula, calculate the number of feedings necessary and carry appropriately. Don’t forget to bring water too.
  • Change of Clothes: In case your child happens to dirty his or her clothes or spit up on it, it is always ideal to pack an extra pair of a onesie.
  • Light Blanket: It doesn’t matter what season it is, having a light blanket will make the baby feel cozy and can always protect them by giving them shade from the sun.


We hope this article has given you enough answer on why you need a diaper bag. This bag is essential if you need to have everything in place and well-organized, just like how a parent should be. It will save you from the stress of digging into your bag to find something urgently, and thus, keep your stress levels as low as possible too.

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